A downloadable levelpack

This is the preview version of "Badbad Is Grounded", a fanmade levelpack for Baba Is You. You'll need a copy of that game to play.

Development is paused while I focus on more important projects. However, you can still enjoy the preview.

"Badbad Is Grounded" is a fanmade Baba Is You levelpack starring the game's newest edgy character. These traditional puzzles try to mimic the joyful design of the originals by focusing on fun ideas.

What's in the preview?

  • Around 25 puzzles, ranging from easy to difficult
  • Two custom music tracks

What'll be in the full version?

  • Custom words and behaviors
  • Custom objects and environments
  • Even more new music

Hey, you knew this already, but this is a fan work that's not affiliated with or endorsed by Arvi Teikari (Hempuli).

Install instructions

To install this levelpack:

  1. Find Data/Worlds
    • Windows: Next to Baba Is You.exe, open Data/Worlds
    • Mac: Right-click Baba Is You.app and select Open Package Contents, from there open Contents/Resources/Data/Worlds
    • Linux: Next to run.sh, open Data/Worlds
  2. Install the levelpack
    • Put the badbad-is-grounded-preview folder inside Data/Worlds
  3. Open Baba Is You and play
    • From the main menu, select Start the Game or Play Levels > Play Levelpacks


BadbadIsGrounded.zip 2 MB

Development log


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I can now play this thanks to the levelpack update! Really fun so far!